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Small Korean signature dishes


Sizzling quality meat served on grill



Steamed rice with vegetables in a hot stone bowl


Flavorful soup with side of rice

A Hearty Korean Eatery

Zannchi (잔치 in Korean Hangul) means “feast”


Zannchi, a casual dining concept in Georgetown, brings fresh Korean cuisine to Washington, DC. Flavorful small plates, hot stone rice bowls and sizzling grills are served in a relaxed atmosphere within the restaurant’s modern Korean décor. The simple yet streamlined menu offers nutritious and healthy options as well as some exciting elements like table top BBQ grills. 


Zannchi was brought to life by owner Eunjung Kim and his cousin Jungsang Yoo, who brought influences, recipes and expertise from their family’s decade-old restaurant in Korea. This, mixed with years of her time spent in Florence and New York, has provide her with a cultivated palate and sharp eye for the next big thing.


In Korea, when visitors are greeted with extra-warm hospitality with great food and drinks, it is called having a “zannchi.” Zannchi means to celebrate special events and having a good time with friends, family, neighbors, and guests with lots to eat and drink.

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1529 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, D.C., 20007

202 621 9162



Hours: Monday - Sunday

11:30am -- 10:00pm


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